Job Aggregation



Job Aggregation on is free

and couldn't be easier to set up. was created to aggregate Job Board, Recruitment Agency and Direct Employer jobs.  

There is no messy and complicate technology involved. To automate job posting on Career Ladder , all you need to do is provide us with an XML or RSS feed with all the relevant information from you site.

Here is an example of the fields you will need to provide:



In grey is the example of data needed to ensure the jobs are posted with the best possible chance of getting a response

The XML or RSS feed will need to have
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Salary
  • Link to the job hosting
  • Post/Zip code &/or City/Town
  • Country

Latitude and Longitude are always best case scenarios but not all ATS and job board software supply this information.

City and County/State are advisable but not critical if the other information is supplied.


Multiple Feeds

It is also advisable to create multiple feeds, each for a specific top level sector.

please get in contact if you need any further advice with this.


Next Step 

To get started, all you need to do is create a Career Ladder account and send us your XML/RSS feed/feeds. 

You can either send us a feed of everything in one go or you can break your feed up into more bite sized portions related to each of the sectors (recommended).