Photo by  Chad Kirchoff  on  Unsplash is announcing it will mesh with any job board FOC. Come and place all of your jobs onto with no set-up costs. In today's jobboard climate, there are fewer and fewer options for jobboard owners to promote their clients jobs onto. With the large aggregators selecting what jobs they aggregate, over the jobs the direct employers clients are posting, it's a challenge to get jobs promoted. however has decided to take a very different approach. We're keen to take all of your jobs. Regardless if your CV-Library or a small site with 100 jobs live a month.   So how do I integrate my site I hear you ask? It's easy. you just need to provide Career-Ladder a feed of your jobs. That's it! below is a breakdown of how this works, alternatively you can visit the site directly:     Here's how it works. There is no messy and complicate technology involved. To automate job posting on Career Ladder , all you need to do is provide us with an XML or RSS feed with all the relevant information from you site. Here is an example of the fields you will need to provide:   In grey is the example of data needed to ensure the jobs are posted with the best possible chance of getting a response   The XML or RSS feed will need to have Job Title Job Description Salary Link to the job hosting Post/Zip code &/or City/Town Country   Latitude and Longitude are always best case scenarios but not all ATS and job board software supply this information. City and County/State are advisable but not critical if the other information is supplied.   Multiple Feeds. It is also advisable to create multiple feeds, each for a specific top level sector. please get in contact if you need any further advice with this. Next Step. To get started, all you need to do is create a Career Ladder account and send us your XML/RSS feed/feeds.  You can either send us a feed of everything in one go or you can break your feed up into more bite sized portions related to each of the sectors (recommended).
Firstly at Career-Ladder we would like to hello and take the opportunity to thank all the people who have helped get the UK's newest jobs aggregator up off the ground.    Career-ladder was originally conceived in 2011 as a way of aggregating job traffic but at the same time making sure the content suppliers were secure in the knowledge that this wasn't just ANOTHER exercise in building ANOTHER competitor.  Career-Ladder is actually divided into two different components.  (The Aggregator/Job Board)  (The fixed fee recruitment site)   Aggregator/job board Who's it relevant to: Any job can be posted onto Job Boards, Recruitment agencies, Charities, or Direct Employers. is simple to use and jobs can be posted in a couple of different ways: Create an account and post jobs manually. Send us an XML Import of your jobs and we'll do the rest. Send us a spreadsheet of jobs and we'll get them uploaded. Ask us to scrape your site directly. Via multi poster integration (coming soon) API (coming soon)   Cost of advertising: At present there is no charge for this service. At we prefer to be totally transparent. The aim is to eventually go to a cost per click model, however this is some way off.   Is Career-Ladder just building a CV Database? NO! Career-Ladder is not looking to collect candidate information which is a key part of our USP. At most Career-Ladder collects candidates contact details for JBE's. If a candidate wants to create an account then they can but it's currently not (and not planned to be) a requirement for "aggregated" content. Any job posted directly on the site via an account will of cores require the candidate to create an account but all jobs hyperlinking the candidate to where the job is hosted is not captured.    Career-Ladder's business model is not CV database access but driving candidate traffic where they are able to apply for jobs the fastest.   What is aggregated content? Aggregated content is content that comes in via Career-Ladders partner program. These partners would generally be job boards and the amount of jobs they post reflects how candidates will engage with the postings.  As part of the road map, jobs would be hierarchical in order of relevance to the candidate; Direct Employer/Charity Recruitment Agency / Advertising Agency Job Board   If your looking to post jobs or your a job board, and looking to aggregate content, then please checkout the link below. ob-Aggregation     From everyone at Career-Ladder, we thank you for reading our first of many posts and from me, I look forward to us speaking soon   Greg       Gregory Galarza-Mullins 07730 273480 https:// https://